Report from Elgin Fairtrade Fortnight 2014

Fairtrade Fortnight, Thursday 28 February saw a group of people gather at the Elgin Youth Cafe (EYC) to hear a talk given by Fatima Ismael from Nicaragua. She was to be telling them about her coffee growing experiences in Nicaragua.
There is a group in her village where the coffee is grown by women only. This is in order to keep the earnings within the family. She spoke of what Fairtrade meant to her and her community. It meant everything. The premium they received was used to educate their children and to provide better living conditions for all.
As she only spoke Spanish, she had an interpreter with her, Marianna from Colombia originally but presently living in Edinburgh and working for Scottish Fairtrade Forum. Also from Scottish Fairtrade Forum and making up the party, was Martina – a jolly little bunch of women!
There was a large group of school children from St Thomas’s School in Keith and it delighted the women to answer their perceptive questions.
After the meeting it was off to Inverness by train for them where they spent the night before moving on to Pitlochry where they were giving another presentation before returning to Edinburgh and Nicaragua.